Developing software is a passion for us - one that encompasses the entire process from coding and UI design, through to finally seeing our ideas living and breathing as a shiny new app. And that's just the beginning - we are always listening to our customers so we can continue to improve our applications to meet your needs.


Developing software is a way to bring ideas to reality, one that can be practised anywhere, any time. Armed with only a Macbook and an Internet connection a great developer can conquer the world.


MachineCodex is physically located in northern New South Wales, Australia, nestled under the watchful eye of Mt Warning. Of course our dominion is rightfully the entire planet.


Mark Hill [mantis]

Mark codes heroically, akin to the way an ancient pictish warrior might hack and slash his way through a bloodthirsty melee. Except with code.

Alex Clarke

Alex makes things look nice. As you can tell, he's quite fond of the colour blue. He also hosts CocoaLab, a Macintosh developer resource site.

About our apps

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Our apps are designed to purr like kittens on Mac OS X & iOS.

We use the latest technologies from Apple, but strive to support older hardware and operating systems. We aim to make our software powerful but stunningly simple to use.

About this site

The MachineCodex site is hand coded in TextMate and CSSEdit. It runs on a PHP template engine designed by Mark and adapted by Alex. HTML and graphic elements by Alex.

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