Neutrino — the core player for the Mac with advanced playback features you won't find in any other player. Add effects, reverb, loops, time, pitch, Audio Units plug-ins, and more, all in real time. Enhance your music with equalizers and space correcting audio units. Explore stunning Music Visualizer representations of your music as it plays.

New Features in Neutrino 1.8

Multiple markers

Neutrino 1.8 adds support for multiple markers per track. You can easily set up actions to trigger when playback reachers a particular marker.

Track Artwork

Add, view and edit artwork for your tracks. Features automatic syncing with iTunes' track artwork. Visualizers can access track artwork too!

A few other Neutrino Features

iTunes Integration

You've put a lot of time into collecting and organising your iTunes Library. Neutrino allows you to access all your playlists, tracks and tunes from the iTunes source.

Core Audio FXChain

Apple's Audio Units are the industry standard effects plug in format. There are literally thousands of AUs available, ready to use in Neutrino.

Per track settings

Unlike other players, Neutrino automatically saves effects, reverb, equalizer, visualizers and in fact all your settings on a per track basis. Or go global, it's up to you.

Quartz Compositions

Neutrino is one of the first apps to implement the Quartz Composer Music Visualizer protocol. Which means stunning animations which react to your music. Twenty included modules or create your own!

Independent time pitch

For musicians, the ability to slow down or speed up a track without altering pitch is a key to learning. For DJs, fine pitch or beat matching is essential. Neutrino makes it simple.

VideoCodex too...

Neutrino supports almost all media types, and does everything you expect from a player: full screen or windowed mode, track browsing, playlists, watched folders, and much more.



  • Music training
  • Special effects
  • Pitch shifting and Beat sync
  • DJs + VJs
  • Transcribing dictation
  • Music visualisation

Main Features

  • Pitch Shifting: -1200 to +1200 c
  • Time Shifting: 1/4x to 4x speed
  • Unique Core Audio + QuickTime hybrid playback engine

Read about Neutrino's features in the manual.


  • Real-time Audio Units FXChain
  • 10 band Graphic Equalizer
  • Looping controls to isolate one or more sections of a track
  • iTunes integration with built-in iTunes media browser, or drag & drop
  • Quartz Composer Music Visualizer Protocol host
  • Powerful Audio file conversion and export with FX
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Available now as a free 30 day trial version
  • Neutrino continues with limited functionality after your 30 day trial: CoreAudio mode is disabled

10MB | Universal Binary

Shareware 30 day trial

Requires Mac OS X 10.6+

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Hear what our users say:

This software really hits the spot!
I have Protools HD and other top shelf audio software - but it is so much more convenient to do this kind of work from iTunes and in the formats of the files.
I never thought that my plugins could work on audio in compressed formats!
Very cool indeed!

Paul Ellis

via email

One of the few shareware which REALLY worth the price! So stable, so well thought, so user friendly... My main guitar backing track player from now on.


Blog comment

Superb software. The people behind Neutrino are brilliant for replying to feature requests... No sooner had I requested a feature when, hey presto, it was incorporated into the new release! I could not have asked for more.
Neutrino is a joy to use. Highly recommended.



Simple interface, fast, great functionality, integrated with iTunes, reasonable price. What's not to like?



Ok, man, I just downloaded this to play with it, but it is absolutely STUNNINGLY awesome. Wow! Is all I can say. It may replace iTunes as my main player, especially if I want visualizations as well. Wow.



Simply fantastic. My favourite Player after iTunes. Everyone has to have this player on your own Mac.